Thinlight Hammock Pad Seconds - 1/4"

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These pads are cosmetic seconds and are fully functional.

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Thinlight Insulation Pad 1/4" Wide. Great for hammock camping, couples, or can be trimmed to make a custom pad or two "standard" 1/4" pads.

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Made of Evazote® foam, these pads are made with a unique high pressure nitrogen gas solution process. High quality extrusions and cross-linking of solid polymeric sheets are impregnated with pure nitrogen gas at elevated temperature and extremely high pressure. Then the impregnated solid sheets are expanded in a huge low pressure autoclave. This process results in an extremely regular and uniform cell structure in the foam.  What this means to you is the foam is amazingly light and strong for its density. The pads are tough, flexible and resilient, and exhibit good UV stability. As a closed-cell foam, they will not absorb water.

The 1/8" pad will fold up to fit into the back of a Gossamer Gear® G4™, Miniposa™, Mariposa™ Plus or Gorilla™ pack, or either thickness can be rolled, either inside the pack, or on top (where it can be held in place by the Mariposa™ "Y" strap, for instance). The 3/8" thickness, cut down to 30 or 40 inches, can be folded into the back of a Gossamer Gear® G4™, Miniposa™, Mariposa™ Plus or Gorilla™, providing a super-minimalist pad.

For hammock users we now have 1/4" thick ThinLight™ pads at a 39" width. These pads are made from the same Evazote® foam as the original ThinLights and provide plenty of coverage for the cold spots.

Additional Info

Additional Info

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  • 9.0 - 13.2 oz.  (256 – 376 g.) 
  • Due to the way these pads are manufactured, they vary in weight


  • 39 x 59 x 1/4 in. ( 99 x 150 x 0.64 cm.)
  • NOTE: sizes may vary by up to ½ in. (1.3 cm.)


  • Closed cell cross-linked Evazote foam


  • Charcoal


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