Airbeam Inflatable Mattress

Our 3-Season air sleeping pads, are designed for backpacking and camping. Pads come in several widths and lengths.

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Airbeam - Full Length (Wide)

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Airbeam - Full Length (Regular)

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Airbeam - Torso Length (Regular)

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The Gossamer Gear AirBeam Sleeper's are inflatable backpacking sleeping pads suitable for most 3-Season camping conditions.  The Airbeam Sleeper is uninsulated and comes in six sizes.   Each air pad comes with a repair kit.  Consider adding our Thinlight insulation pad, under these air mattresses for extra warmth on cold nights.  There are integrated tabs on the sides of the Sleepers for securing them to a quilt or foam sleeping pads.

  • Ultralight

  • Tapered in two directions for maximum comfort and minimal weight

  • side tabs for securing to other things

  • Slightly higher side rails to let you know when you are on the edge

Additional Info

Additional Info

Video No

Weight : (all weights are approximate and may vary slightly)

WIDE  -  pad = 13.9 oz. / patch kit and stow bag = .8 oz   TOTAL 14.7 oz.

REGULAR  -   pad = 10.1 oz. / patch kit and stow bag = .8 oz. TOTAL 10.9 oz

3/4 WIDE - pad =  11.7 0z  / patch kit and stow bag = .8 oz  TOTAL 12.5 oz

3/4  -   pad = 9.2 oz. / patch kit and stow bag = .7 oz  TOTAL 10.1 oz

TORSO  -  pad  7.1 oz. / patch kit and stow bag = .8 oz  TOTAL 7.9 oz

GLEN VAN PESKI - pad 4.1 oz. / patch kit and stow bag = .8 oz TOTAL 4.9 oz



WIDE - 28" Wide tapering to 19"  X   56" Long  X  2.5" tapering to 1.5" in height

REGULAR - 21" Wide tapering to 14.5"  X  56" Long  X  2.5" tapering to 1.5" in height

3/4 - 21" Wide tapering to 14.5"  X  48" Long  X  2.5" tapering to 1.5" in height

3/4 WIDE - 27" Wide tapering to 20" 48" Long X 2.5" tapering to 1.5" in height

TORSO - 21" Wide tapering to 14.5"  X  36"  Long  X  2.5" tapering to 1.5" in height

GLEN VAN PESKI - 18" wide X 27" Long  X 1.5" in height - Featuring skeleton style cut outs

Pad material is 70D on the bottom and 30D on top

Each pad comes with a repair kit


3/4 Wide - My Go-to PadReview by Gerry
I have had too many mattress pads to admit to but the 3/4 wide has become my go-to pad when sleeping on the ground. The weight is reasonable but what I really like is comfort that results from the ideal dimensions for me...the 27" shoulder width tapering down to 20" at the waist and the thickness taper from 2 1/2" down to 1 1/2". I can sleep on my back without my arms falling of the sides or sleep on my side without my bony hips hitting the ground. The thickness taper eliminates the numbness in my legs that I have felt when using some other short pads. I too use a 1/8" thinlight pad cut to size to help insulate the pad. If this pad had incorporated a reflective layer to improve the warmth, it would be perfect IMHO but it is still great the way it is. (Posted on 3/1/16)
Great PadReview by General
Bought it for the PCT, so's sleeps real good. (Posted on 2/17/16)
Big wide pad for short wide guysReview by Allgood
When the 3/4 wide came out all my dreams of pad for a man of large stature but short height was answered. Finally I had a pad that my arms would not fall off of the sides, and my broad shoulder fit well. Bonus only being 5'8" I finally had a pad that was meant for someone my height and didn't have a 1/2 foot or more wasted at the end. The Pad also is remarkably firm and when fully inflated I was unable to bottom it out when on my side.

Only complaint is the pad lacks an insulation layer besides of course the air inside it. I fins if I use my sit light pad or torso pad form the back of kumo I can insulate the cold ground and provide an extra level of protection for the pad. (Posted on 7/23/15)
Pleasant SurpriseReview by BeeKeeper
I was looking for a more compact and lighter weight option. The most popular option was not an option for me due to the noise, thus when I heard about this option, I decided to give it a try. I'm a light sleeper, and sleep on the cold side. I'm also a side sleeper who tends toward night hip pain when sleeping the ground. My previous mat was the first I found where I didn't experience hip pain, so as you can imagine I was nervous about switching, but was motivated by weight and packed size.

I got the 1/8" Thinlight pad to use on conjunction with the regular size Air Beam. I'm 5'4" and it's a bit short for full body use, but I adapted by using my pack under my head as part of my pillow system. I use the Thinlight pad under the Air Beam when it's hot out and I don't want any R value. An added benefit is that it prevents any slippage on sloping ground. When it's cooler I use the Thinlight on top of the Air Beam. I've used this combination down to the low 20's and have been perfectly comfortable. I've found by under inflating the pad, I don't experience any hip pain. The width is quite narrow, so I recommend the wide for larger folks. (Posted on 2/11/15)
Love this padReview by stephen
Im 185# and 5'10. The sleeper packs up very small and I love the width (so hard to find a pad wide enough to be comfortable) at head side and tapered somewhat at feet end. Used it in conjunction with a 3/8" pad (bought here) and found it to be VERY comfortable. I suspect that it will be equally comfortable stand-alone as its summer and no need for thermal protection underneath. Unfortunately I knocked the rolled up pad off a rock while packing up my backpack one morning and it disappeared over a very high cliff into a boulder field! However, I liked the pad so much I bought another one once I returned home as well as one for my girlfriend. (Posted on 7/8/14)

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