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GG Air Beam Pack Frame

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An adjustable, inflatable air frame for any Gossamer Gear backpack that is especially good with the frameless pack models.

The Pad size corresponds with the size of your pack.

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The Gossamer Gear Air Beam Pack Frame is a removable, adjustable, inflatable pack frame that will fit in any Gossamer gear pack.  Add the Air Beam to your Kumo or Murmur pack and get a light weight frame that can also be used as a sit pad (on appropriate ground) or rolled up and partially deflated to make a pillow.  The airbeam will also work with our framed packs but you may want to remove the frame first to save the weight.  The firmness of the pad is adjusted using the attached inflator bulb and can be done on the fly.  The Air Beam Pad comes in three sizes L-M-S. The pad size corresponds with the size of your pack. Each pad comes with a repair kit and the attached but removable inflator bulb and connecting tube.  The weights and size info can be found in the SPECS section of this page.


"So far I've used the airframe on 2 walks, both quite short, but I really like it. It stiffens the whole back of the murmur, lifting it up and off my back; as I have osteoporosis (so often have back pain to some degree) this makes a big improvement, easing the aches and making walking a lot easier. It also helps to stop sweat clinging through shirt and jacket and so making me cold when I stop for a brew. The airframe changes the whole way the Murmur sits making it much more comfortable."

"This thing is great! Provided just enough extra structure, provided good air flow to my back and really made the pack more comfortable than before. Really like the lumbar extra...I've seen other versions of the Air Beam and they don't show or mention this feature)"


Weight :

LARGE - Pad 2.7 oz. ( 77 g. )  Pump 1 oz ( 29 g. )  Repair Kit .4 oz. ( 11 g. )  TOTAL WEIGHT =  4.1 oz. ( 117 g. )

MEDIUM - Pad 2.4 oz. ( 68 g. )  Pump 1 oz ( 29 g. )  Repair Kit .4 oz. ( 11 g. )  TOTAL WEIGHT = 3.8 oz ( 108 g. )

SMALL - Pad  2.2 oz. ( 61 g. )  Pump 1 oz. ( 29 g. ) Repair Kit .4 oz ( 11 g. )  TOTAL WEIGHT = 3.6 oz ( 101 g. )



LARGE - 12" x 21 3/4"

MEDIUM - 12 x 19 3/4"

SMALL - 12 x 17 3/4"


Each pad comes with a repair kit and a pump

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