Microfiber Eyewear Strap

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This classic all-in-one microfiber sunglasses retainer prevents any unwanted drops in the backcountry, provides protection against scratching, and is a lens safe cleaning cloth that hangs around your neck at all times!

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Description A sunglasses retainer made from lens-safe microfiber. The leash is designed to keep you from losing or dropping your expensive eyewear in the backcountry. This innovative design has a secondary purpose of protecting the lenses for storage, by opening the strap and wrapping the material around your glasses, you are now ready for an adventure that does not require eye protection. Thirdly the microfiber can also clean your lenses. Amazing!

  • Hiking and climbing approved

  • 3-in-1 retainer, case, lens cleaner

  • Lens-safe microfiber fabric

  • Surgical tubing attachments to fit all sizes of eyewear

Additional Info

Additional Info

Specs Hides Classic 0.38 oz 11 g 19 inches long


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