The LT4 Carbon Trekking Pole

The LT4 and LT4S is one of  the lightest adjustable length carbon fiber hiking poles on the planet.

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LT4 Pole (no strap)
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Please Note: All hiking poles are sold as single pole.  The LT4S has a wrist strap, the LT4 does not.  The camera mount accessory will only work with the strapped version.

Gossamer Gear is proud to offer the Lightrek™ 4, or LT4S, trekking poles. Click the SPECS button for weight. They are adjustable from 90cm to 130 cm for hiking, but go up to140 cm for using to set up a shelter. Easy to use and feature a new spiral wrap at the tip section for added durability where you need it most. Assembly and adjustment of the Lightrek™ 4's is as easy as can be, just insert the tip section into the grip section and give it a few twists to expand the locking mechanism until it's snug. The Lightrek™ 4's feature the same fully ergonomic EVA "Kork-o-lon" grips and a hardened carbide tip accepts Leki™ brand baskets. One basket is included with each pole. The price is for a single pole.  Elegant, simple, strong and gorilla-tested, these poles are everything you need and nothing you don't. Please review the Warranty page prior to purchase.

  • Custom-manufactured carbon fiber for optimum strength to weight ratio

  • Spiral Wrap at the tip section for added durability

  • Carbide tip

  • Small trekking baskets included

  • Small spectra core loop below handle for attaching a "keeper" cord

  • Floats, in case you drop it in a stream

Additional Info

Additional Info


Gossamer Gear Pole Primer from Willis Wall on Vimeo.



  • LT4   4.1 oz. (119 g.) per pole (no strap)
  • LT4S 4.6 oz (130 g.) per pole (wrist strap)
  • Trekking baskets add 0.4 oz. (11 g.) each
  • Travel Tube is 12.5 oz. (354 g.)


  • Adjustable from 90 cm. (35.5 in.) to 140 cm. (55 in.)
  • 84 cm. (33 in.) completely closed
  • upper section: 74 cm. (29 in.)
  • lower section: 81 cm. (32 in.)

Travel Tube has a 36 in. (91 cm.) length and a 3 in. (8 cm.) inside diameter

NOTE: Tip section length can vary slightly



  • Custom spec tapered carbon fiber tubing
  • EVA "Kork-O-Lon" foam grips
  • Carbide tip
  • Travel Tube: Heavy-duty industrial grade cardboard



  • Matte Black poles
  • Tan handles
  • Travel Tube: Kraft brown 


Great Poles with Minor FlawsReview by Michael
I bought the LT4S trekking poles for my hike on the Camino de Santiago from Switzerland to Fisterra/MuxĂ­a in Spain (around 1,440 miles). I love them for their lightweight and general strength and will use the again. The locking mechanism works great and holds up well, but you need to know a few tricks: when the poles have been closed for a longer time, you won't be able to shift them without fully opening them and taking the two parts completely apart. Then, you need to loosen the completely opened screw a bit and put the two parts together again, otherwise, they won't lock again. When you know this, you will realize that they work very reliably. This experience just doesn't add to a very professional impression of the poles. The biggest flaw, however, is that the front part with the pole tip is way too soft. After the first 300 miles they started to bend slightly and stayed bent for the rest of the trip (and still are bent, now that I'm back to Switzerland again; I guess they will stay bent for the rest of their life). I think that this shouldn't happen with such expensive gear. So five stars to the lightweight and general quality, but there has some work to be done on the points mentioned here, especially when considering the high price they cost (these are some of the most expensive trekking poles on the market). NOTE FROM GOSSAMER GEAR : 1) The tips can be replaced by sending the poles to our shop ( which may not be cost effective to send from Europe) 2) It is recommended the poles be pulled apart each night and wiped down with a rag or towel to help with adjustment. (Posted on 3/1/15)
Lightest poles I've usedReview by Heather
I don't love trekking poles so I am always looking for something light that I won't mind carrying on my back when I'm annoyed with having them in my hands. The LT4S is it.
They are exceptionally light and easy to carry.
Two drawbacks:
As with all twist lock poles they have issues tightening and staying tightened. 95% of the time they are great, but I've noticed in cold weather they can be a bear to tighten.
They only collapse into two parts. This means when stowed in your pack you will definitely get asked if you've caught any fish. You'll also probably catch them on a bush or tree and be really confused for a few seconds. (Posted on 2/20/15)
Best pole on the marketReview by Trinity
These poles are so light that you can casually walk with both of them in one hand when you don't want to actually use them. I like this because I switch off and on between using my poles but don't like to always stow them. Grips are comfortable and I like that you can remove the straps (which I did). (Posted on 11/26/14)
Best and lightest poles on the marketReview by Darren
These poles are super light at only 4.1 oz per pole and they are super durable. I have used these on a 55 mile stretch from front royal to harpers ferry on the AT and on countless day hikes and a few multi day hikes. These will be my go to poles for my 2017 AT thru hike. I would reccomend these to everyone who hikes with poles. (Posted on 10/18/14)
Nothing comparableReview by Lynne
I just finished the 600-mile Israel National Trail, its last 220 miles being hard-core Negev desert. The pole performed very well, not only as a wonderful trekking aid but also as a monopod for my GoPro Hero 3 and finally, as a pole for "The One" tent.
It takes a while to get used to the "funky" nature of the locking mechanism. You might be turning the section for 15 seconds...30 seconds... ...60 seconds...wondering if it's ever going to "catch." Thankfully it always did.
The boot wore out after 500 miles. The metal tip poked through the rubber bottom. I really liked the boot, as it took most of the shock out of each pole plant. Plus it kept the tip from getting caught in cracks.
As the lightest pole on the market I never experienced fatigue holding it all day long. It was indispensable in negotiating terrain that made Maine's Mahoosuc Notch seem like child's play in comparison.

(Posted on 5/4/14)
Love these poles!Review by Beatrice
My daughter and I walked the 500 mile Camino de Santiago in November 2013 and were so glad we had our LT4 trekking poles! They are so lightweight, we hardly noticed we were carrying them, and they were indispensable for up hills, downhills, navigating scree, and just general ease of hiking. After a really windy day, I rigged up a sort of strap, using hair doodles, only because the poles were so light, I feared one might blow right our of my hand. After that, we didn't run into anymore strong winds of course, so didn't need the "straps." The only downside was that one pole seemed a bit persnickety, in below freezing temperatures the mechanism wouldn't stay extended. Once the temperature reached 40 degrees or so, it would work fine. The pole did the same thing yesterday when we hiked Pilot Mountain in NC, in the snow. At the rangers station, I held it under the hand dryer in the restroom and, after blasting it with warm air, it worked fine. It was a bit inconvenient, but it was only one of the poles, so I don't know what's up with that. Otherwise, we absolutely love these poles. They are durable and, did I mention, really light. On the Camino, people were amazed at how light they were. They are priced well, it is nice that you can buy a pair or just one. I really, really appreciate the light more hand cramps! Buy the LT4's, you will be glad you did! (Posted on 1/17/14)

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