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LT4 Trekking Pole
LT4S Trekking Pole

Quick Overview

The LT4 is one of  the lightest adjustable length carbon fiber trekking poles on the planet.


PLEASE NOTE : All trekking poles are sold as single poles.  The LT4S has a strap, the LT4 does not.  The camera mount accessory will only work with the strapped version.

Please Read the Product Manual and the Warranty Information prior to purchase.


Gossamer Gear is proud to offer the Lightrek™ 4, or LT4S, trekking poles. Click the SPECS button for weight. They are adjustable from 90cm to 130 cm for hiking, but go up to140 cm for using to set up a shelter. Easy to use and feature a new spiral wrap at the tip section for added durability where you need it most. Assembly and adjustment of the Lightrek™ 4's is as easy as can be, just insert the tip section into the grip section and give it a few twists to expand the locking mechanism until it's snug. The Lightrek™ 4's feature the same fully ergonomic EVA "Kork-o-lon" grips and a hardened carbide tip accepts Leki™ brand baskets. One basket is included with each pole. The price is for a single pole.  Elegant, simple, strong and gorilla-tested, these poles are everything you need and nothing you don't. Please review the Warranty page prior to purchase.

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"I've used my LT4's for 200 miles of the New England Trail, a 325 mile section hike on the Appalachian Trail, and 2650 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. I finally broke one section of these poles around mile 2445 of the PCT. That's almost three-thousand miles of hiking without breaking them. The most embarrassing part is that I broke it by trying to jam it really hard into solid ground at an angle. I didn't even break it while hiking!" - Guthook

"These are really nice poles and they match my backpacking and hiking needs perfectly. I used to own another pair of fixed length carbon fiber poles from Komperdell, but I like the Lightrek™ 4’s much better because they’re lighter, they have better grips, they don’t have hand straps and they are adjustable for pitching a tent or tarp." Read Full Review - Philip Werner | Lightweight Backpack and Blogger

"I have been using your new prototype collapsible hiking poles for some 300 miles. I felt I had to personally congratulate Gossamer Gear on this new creation. I have been using poles for many years now. Over the years I have tried some dozen pairs of poles and found yours to be the best ultralight and versatile, yet tough, pair I've used. The lack of straps is not an issue with the ergo grips. I feel they are as strong as any of the carbon fiber poles.....there is little, if any, vibration. The adjustability is just what I've been waiting for. Now my tarps and shelters can be easily configured depending on weather conditions. Leki, Komperdell, Backpacking Light and others have all been added to the "retired" bin." - Rik Christensen

"I recently purchased a pair of your new, ultralightweight, adjustable Lightrek 4 trekking poles specifically for use in running the Rose Valley Endurance Run: a 33 mile ultramarathon with 8K elevation gain (and loss) in the mountains outside of Ojai. They are excellent! As I ran for miles I didn't even notice the featherweight poles in my hands. And when I needed to rely on sturdy poles on the steep, difficult sections of the trails, the Lightrek 4's were rock solid dependable. The adjustments were quick and easy: turn, turn, adjust, turn, turn-done. I am happy to say that I just completed my first mountain ultramarathon, and it was due in no small part to your amazing new poles. They are the cat's meow! I am looking forward to using them this summer on the John Muir Trail in the High Sierra. Thanks GG guys. Good Job!" - Jeff Cygan aka Cascade



  • LT4   4.1 oz. (119 g.) per pole
  • LT4S 4.6 oz (130 g.) per pole
  • Trekking baskets add 0.4 oz. (11 g.) each
  • Travel Tube is 12.5 oz. (354 g.)


  • Adjustable from 90 cm. (35.5 in.) to 140 cm. (55 in.)
  • 84 cm. (33 in.) completely closed
  • upper section: 74 cm. (29 in.)
  • lower section: 81 cm. (32 in.)

Travel Tube has a 36 in. (91 cm.) length and a 3 in. (8 cm.) inside diameter

NOTE: Tip section length can vary slightly



  • Custom spec tapered carbon fiber tubing
  • EVA "Kork-O-Lon" foam grips
  • Carbide tip
  • Travel Tube: Heavy-duty industrial grade cardboard



  • Matte Black poles
  • Tan handles
  • Travel Tube: Kraft brown 
  • Custom-manufactured carbon fiber for optimum strength to weight ratio
  • New Spiral Wrap at the tip section for added durability
  • Carbide tip
  • Small trekking baskets included
  • Small spectra core loop below handle for attaching a "keeper" cord
  • Floats, in case you drop it in a stream

Gossamer Gear Pole Primer from Willis Wall on Vimeo.