Murmur 36 Hyperlight Backpack

The Murmur Hyperlight pack is designed for the elite hiker. Design by Glen Van Peski who personally shaved every ounce down to 8.2 of them.

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The Murmur 36 liter is the pack for an ultralight backpacker with a base weight of 5 pounds or less. You’ll know if this pack is for you! The Murmur features 30 and 70 denier Robic nylon coated on both sides with silicone and a PU/silicone blend for optimal strength and waterproofness while being hyperlight!

Murmur Backpack Features

  • Roll-top closure buckles for streamlined shape, but can clip together in ‘dry bag’ style to use extension collar.

  • Removable padded waist belt with integrated pockets, adjustable to two torso heights.

  • Unisex (Men's and Women's) shoulder straps and waist belt constructed with low profile, but super comfortable, highly breathable wall mesh.

  • Trekking pole holders and ice axe holder can be used at same time, with removable Velcro loops to secure items to pack.

  • Large mesh pocket for drying items, or quick storage on trail without opening pack.

  • Stretchy back panels hold included sit pad, or a thin sleeping pad, saving inside pack space, and allowing pad to be pulled out during rest breaks.

  • Hydration tube port and guide straps.

  • Removable/adjustable sternum strap.

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Additional Info

Additional Info

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Weight (all weights are approximate and average there is some slight variance)

  • 8.5 oz.  Pack only. (240 g.)
  • Removable waist belt with pockets = 2.5 oz. (70 g.)
  • Sitlight Pad  =  1.5 - 2.0 oz. ( 43 - 56 g ) Close Cell foam can vary slighty in weight
  • 13.2 oz. (374 g.) fully featured 


Average Total weight of combined items = 13.2 ( 374 g )


  • 2200 c.i. (36 l.) total
  • 1,700 c.i. (28 l.) in main pack body to extension collar seam
  • 500 c.i. (8 l.) in main pocket
  • 20 lb. maximum carry capacity, 15lbs for comfort.



  • One Size (16" - 24" torso) Generally fits people 5'4"-6'4"
  • 28" - 42" waist for waist belt



  • 30 and 70 denier Robic nylon
  • ultralight micro mesh
  • Lightweight and incredibly waterproof fabric rated to 3000 mm H2O but we have taken it over 4000



  • Grey and Blue



  • Height 21”
  • Width 10.5”
  • Depth 6 “
  • Extension collar adds another 9" of height


Excellent pack for the money, but you better pack light!Review by Mr. Pink
I have owned an original Murmur since they first came out and used it for LASHs on the AT. My base weight varied from 5.5 to 8 pounds. I cut off the hip belt upon arrival so all weight was carried on my shoulders. The heaviest I carried was 21 pounds which was slightly more than I recommend, especially without a hip belt, but since it included a heavy sandwich for lunch it was Ok for that short period of time. Rain soaks the pack and adds weight but not so much that a pack cover would be justified but enough that some sort of dry sack is required for the contents. Plastic grocery bags were enough to do the trick for me for no discernible weight gain. The volume was enough for three or four days, but beyond that the volume came up short. Again, grocery bags to the rescue! I found I could reach the side pockets if I loosened up the should straps and let one side go. This only works, of course, because I didn't use a hip belt. The top closure system sucked but it has been replaced with a strap which is what was needed to keep the top from opening and dumping half the pack contents on the ground when reaching for a water bottle as described above. The material is easily cut by sharp water pouch edges, but otherwise help up well enough for its intended use. I did not expect this pack to last the 10 years or so that it has but it did. For the serious ultralight hiker, this is the only pack to have! (Posted on 8/10/16)
Better reviews...less motherhoodReview by fastbackpacker
I'll be the first to say, motherhood and apple pie are fine as part of a review, but please offer more things of sustenance. Lightness and boyfriends and the obvious dont add to what's known already about the pack. Dah, it's light. Dah, its nice. Dah, it worked well. Really? A new car travels quite well to work...even shopping malls. Didn't already know that? Oh really does. Example: Does the murmur fit a Bear Vault vertically, and if so, with how much room left? Now that's an important attribute, not that everyone uses a bear-resistant container...I know. But many do and in some national parks it's required. How much weight were you carrying and what was the feel on your shoulders/hips/neck after 12 miles of hiking? Could you access your water bottle from a side pocket without removing the pack? In rain, how water resistent was the pack - 1 reviewer commented, which is good. These are metrics of key importance, espicially in the ultralight world, where trekkers are generally ;quite experienced compared to run of the mill busiess warriors getting out for 3 days, and carrying 45 pounds. Me? I"ve owned and extensively used one of the original murmers from about 5 or 6 years ago. I've been impressed with it, other than having to add padding to the hip belt--didn't come with any at the time. Also at the time, the shoulder straps had velcro so you could easily add padding to the existing padding, if carrying heavier loads, or for long hiking durations - something Zpacks and others dont feature. Not sure if the new murmurs still have this feature . It also holds a bear vault container and has pretty good room left over for much of my other gear-3-4 days out. I use my mostly deflated air matress inside the backpad slots, which works well as a pad against my back when carrying the pack. My starting weight is around 14 lbs, and the pack feels fine for 6-8 hour day hikes, though some soreness to the shoulders and hips occurs of course, though nothing significant. I cannot access my water bottle from the side pocket while hiking, so I carry a soft Sawyer Squeezable Pouch:(32-oz) in my upper shorts pocket so it does not add weight to my pack/back, plus it does not bounce around in the top pant pocket. I have not tested the water resistance, because if it rains, I wear a poncho that covers the pack. I wont continue further on the review, as my murmur is quite old, (though I still use it), but I hope to have educated people on providing more functional aspects in their reviews on this nice backpack. After all, it's a product review, not a features acknowledgement. Off to hike now....
“Travel with a soft brush through nature’s artistic wonderland.” Tim Gnazale (Posted on 5/26/16)
Great Ultralight BackpackReview by JT
This is an outstanding pack for Ultralight Backpacking !! I have taken it on multi-day hikes in the Green mountain of VT and the White Mountains of NH and its waterproof fabric has held up to some interesting New England weather. The fabric is really durable. I used the Murmur 36 Hyperlight Backpack as a basis for getting into the sub 15 pound range for equipment and it has made all the difference. (Posted on 1/19/16)
Love this PackReview by marisa
This was given to me as a gift from my boyfriend about a year ago. I've used it several times on backpacking trips and I'm very happy with it. It's unbelievable how light it is. One of my favorite features is the ultralight removable pad that acts as cushioning against my back. After arriving at camp I take it out and use it as a seat, and as additional cushioning under my sleeping pad at night. I also love that it has the accesories on the front to hook my trekking poles. (Posted on 12/1/15)
Sweet little packReview by Marco
What a nice pack! I had it out a little more than two weeks since I had it. It really did the job. I was amazed at the fabric, so thin and light, yet strong, too. A really, really nice pack.
(Posted on 9/28/14)

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