Q-Twinn Tarp

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An ultralight cuben fiber tarp that is exceptionally waterproof and lightweight. All seams and tie outs are taped,  no seam sealing is required.

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The Gossamer Gear® Q-Twinn™ tarp is an even lighter spin on our SpinnTwinn, the original cat cut tarp for two. The QTwinn employs Cubic Tech's new CTK series of non woven laminates making it exceptionally waterproof, dimensionally stable, and of course gossamer light. All of this means you can have confidence that your shelter will keep you dry, won't need re-tensioning in the middle of the night and won't take up much space in your pack.

The CubicTwinn™ provides plenty of room for two, and offers an amazing amount of space for the solo hiker at NO REAL WEIGHT PENALTY! Imagine carrying a two person shelter that only weighs 7oz and having all that room to yourself? Utilize  the Q-Twinn™ as your  normal 3 season shelter or bring it along in your day pack as an emergency shelter that won't take up much space or weigh you down.

Download SpinnTwinn User Manual


"I had this tarp set up for 3 days in driving rain; just as advertised, the non-stretchable cubic material stayed taut the entire time. At this weight why would you ever not include it in your pack?"  -Steve Burgess, GG Trail Ambassador and filmmaker.



  • 7.0 oz. (197 g.) – tarp
  • 0.2 oz. (7 g.) – stuff sack (included)
  • 1.9 oz. (55 g.) – 45 in. (114 cm.) front segmented aluminum pole (optional)
  • 1.3 oz. (38 g.) – 32 in. (81 cm.) rear segmented aluminum pole (optional)


  • 47 sq. ft. (4 sq. m.) – tarp area staked down to ground, not counting entrance overhangs
  • 110 in. (279 cm.) – total width of front of tarp (55” per side)
  • 83 in. (211 cm.) – total width of rear of tarp (41.5” per side)
  • 44 in. (112 cm.) - height at peak for standard setup
  • 67 in. (170 cm.) – front entrance width (staked down position)
  • 62 in. (158 cm.) – rear entrance width (staked down position)
  • 117 in. (297 cm.) - length of ridgeline
  • 101 in. (257 cm.) - length of wall at ground
  • 12 in. (30 cm.) – front entrance overhang
  • 6 in. (15 cm.) – rear entrance overhang
  • NOTE: some dimensions will vary depending on setup


  • Cubic Tech CTK non-woven laminate ( 25 g. per square meter )
  • EZC2 spectra-core line (275 lb. (125 kg.) tensile strength)


"Black" although it is transparent to a degree

  • Lineloc buckles at each corner and the middle of both sides for easy line tensioning
  • CTK non-woven laminate - the lightest exceptionally waterproof fabric available
  • CTK will not stretch in windy or wet conditions so your pitch remains taut
  • Computer-designed catenary curves throughout
  • 47 sq. ft. (4 sq. m.) of protected area - that's almost 9 sq. ft. of shelter PER OUNCE of waterproof shelter!!
  • 12" (30 cm.) Front entrance overhang and 6" (15 cm.) rear entrance overhang
  • Tapered front to back design saves weight and enhances wind deflection
  • Computer-designed main tarp wall shapes allow sufficient interior height and space to minimize contact with interior walls
  • Three stakeout points per side extends pitching options and minimizes fabric stress


Video See SpinnTwinn video below for setup