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Q-Twinn Cuben Fiber Tarp

An ultralight catenary curve tarp that is exceptionally waterproof and lightweight. All seams and tie outs are taped, no seam sealing is required.

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The Gossamer Gear Q-Twinn ultralight cuben fiber tarp is an even lighter spin on our SpinnTwinn, the original cat cut tarp for two. The Q-Twinn employs the CTK series of non woven laminates (also known as Dyneema Composite) making it exceptionally waterproof, dimensionally stable, and of course Gossamer light. All of this means you can have confidence that your shelter will keep you dry, won't need re-tensioning in the middle of the night and won't take up much space in your pack.

The CubicTwinn (or Q-Twinn for short) shelter provides plenty of room for two, and offers an amazing amount of space for the solo hiker at NO REAL WEIGHT PENALTY! Imagine carrying a two person shelter that only weighs 7oz and having all that room to yourself? Utilize  the Q-Twinn as your  normal 3 season shelter or bring it along in your day pack as an emergency shelter that won't take up much space or weigh you down.


  • Lineloc buckles at each corner and the middle of both sides for easy line tensioning

  • CTK non-woven laminate - the lightest exceptionally waterproof fabric available

  • CTK will not stretch in windy or wet conditions so your pitch remains taut

  • Computer-designed catenary curves throughout

  • 47 sq. ft. (4 sq. m.) of protected area - that's almost 9 sq. ft. of shelter PER OUNCE of waterproof shelter!!

  • 12" (30 cm.) Front entrance overhang and 6" (15 cm.) rear entrance overhang

  • Tapered front to back design saves weight and enhances wind deflection

  • Computer-designed main tarp wall shapes allow sufficient interior height and space to minimize contact with interior walls

  • Three stakeout points per side extends pitching options and minimizes fabric stress

Additional Info

Additional Info

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  • 7.0 oz. (197 g) – tarp
  • 0.2 oz. (7 g) – stuff sack (included)
  • .90 oz (26 g) 30 feet of EZC 2 line (included)
  • 8.1 oz (230 g) for all items included
  • 1.9 oz. (55 g.) – 45 in. (114 cm.) front segmented aluminum pole (optional)
  • 1.3 oz. (38 g.) – 32 in. (81 cm.) rear segmented aluminum pole (optional)



  • 47 sq. ft. (4 sq. m.) – tarp area staked down to ground, not counting entrance overhangs
  • 110 in. (279 cm.) – total width of front of tarp (55” per side)
  • 83 in. (211 cm.) – total width of rear of tarp (41.5” per side)
  • 44 in. (112 cm.) - height at peak for standard setup
  • 67 in. (170 cm.) – front entrance width (staked down position)
  • 62 in. (158 cm.) – rear entrance width (staked down position)
  • 117 in. (297 cm.) - length of ridgeline
  • 101 in. (257 cm.) - length of wall at ground
  • 12 in. (30 cm.) – front entrance overhang
  • 6 in. (15 cm.) – rear entrance overhang
  • NOTE: some dimensions will vary depending on setup



  • Cubic Tech CTK non-woven laminate ( 25 g. per square meter )
  • EZC2 spectra-core line (275 lb. (125 kg.) tensile strength)



"Black" although it is transparent to a degree


So light and big you could have a backcountry dance party under itReview by Allgood
I have been using tarps since I first read Ray Jardine's PCT Handbook back in the mid '90's and I have used everything from a basic nylon tarp back in the day to the new cuben tarps on the market.

The Q-Twinis a tarpers dream-not only is it gossamer light at just around 8oz's with the guy lines I put on it-it has enough space for me, my dog, my gear and a hiking partners. The ample coverage is nice especially in inclement weather where you can still enjoy seeing the sky-while being safe and dry under the tarp.

The Tarp is easy to set up in a traditional way, and it has plenty of tie out points to rig it as a lean -to if you choose or a variety of other set ups based on your preferences. The best part if then new cuben fabric is that it does not absorb moisture so even on a wet day the tarp is practically dry from shaking it off.

The first time I set it up in the backcountry my hiking partner asked me when the dance party was? The Tarp was so big that he forgoed setting up his own shelter and instead joined me and my dog under the large coverage of the Q-Twinn.

If you are on the hunt for a lightweight cuben tarp that doesn't cost as much as a mortgage payment-then look no further because the Q-Twinn in a real winner. (Posted on 7/23/15)
Another great GG shelterReview by Lint
I've been carrying Gossamer Gear shelters on my thru hikes for many years now, and was elated to get the chance to test out this newest member to the family. I carried the Q-Twinn for about 2 weeks of my Appalachian Trail thru hike, and it worked splendidly.

This shelter is HUGE for a solo hiker, even a large one like myself at 5'11" and 200 lbs! I had plenty of space to spread out my gear and stay dry, and ended up staking the edges down flat to the ground yet still having ample room to sit up in. I like doing this with all my tarps, since it prevents rain from splashing onto my sleeping quilt, but with the Q-Twinn there was no compromising space inside. This tarp should be more than adequate for two people.

The cuban material used in this shelter was bombproof. It appeared to be more translucent than other cuban varieties I've encountered, but this didn't affect the water proofing at all. I had a few downpours on trail, and not a single drop came in. I liked the see-thru aspect of the material, since moon and starlight was able to illuminate inside my shelter, and didn't give me that "blocked off" feeling traditional fabrics do. The attention to detail at the seams and tie-outs was obviously an important factor, and the demo model I had was beautifully constructed.

You can use your trekking poles to set this up, or if you're like me and don't use poles, a couple branches will do. Also of note, there is NO BUG NETTING, so be prepared to protect yourself if you expect insects. I have a custom piece of netting that works with all tarps, so this wasn't an issue for me, but I thought I should mention it.

Cuban fiber is expensive, but nothing compares to the weight and waterproofness of this modern miracle material. Unlike silnylon it doesn't stretch when wet, so you don't need to readjust it in the middle of the night. That right there is a huge selling point for anyone who expects to encounter precipitation. Being half the weight of a comparable tarp constructed in silnylon is another perk. HALF THE WEIGHT, FOLKS!
(Posted on 3/3/15)
Never going back to a tentReview by Trinity
This tarp is as easy as it is light. I struggled with setting up a pyramid tarp for ages... it just always took a little effort. With this one, I find that using a tree or two makes it pop up in a snap, but trekking poles work well too. I've even cinched this down to the ground on the windy side with a pole minimize on the non-windy side and stayed dry and safe from the wind. As I have gotten more creative in my tarp-pitching skills, I've set it up in various configurations in the woods based on privacy and/or wind/rain direction. I backpack with a lot of traditional backpackers that on rainy days we'll fit six or more under my Q-Twinn where it's less humid, more airy, can be pitched higher - funny how my humble abode ends up being party central. (Posted on 11/26/14)
Great tarp for heavy weatherReview by CD
I took this tarp out to the Pacific Coast in the Olympic National Park a couple of weeks ago when it was predicted to rain heavily and blow hard. The rain poured and the wind blew from sunset until dawn and it performed as beautifully keeping me dry and no sagging. The only surprise was how loud it was when the rain hit it, maybe earplugs should be included.

My only complaint is that the tapes where the poles go aren't color coded like in the video. A piece of duct tape fix at one end fixed that. (Posted on 4/7/14)
Great for this solo hikerReview by DaveO
I've been using tarps almost exclusively for 40 years. For decades I carried a Chouinard Pyramid tent, (3.5 lb.) which protected me from rain, hail, and snow. It's older now, like me, and it's showing it, so it became Cuben Fiber time. I like this tent a lot.

My only complaint is that it offers little privacy when set up in its normal pitch, but that doesn't really matter much to me as I often don't even use my tent anyway. It's slightly translucent too. You can actually see bright stars through it, which makes for a bit of a different sleeping experience.

Setup is just as easy as it looks in the video, and the variety of pitches offers extra protection. It's simple to adjust the lines to create a snugly pitched tent, and readjusting the pitch takes very little time or effort.

I needed that last week in the Wind Rivers during an all night, all out thunderstorm. The wind gusted, but the tent didn't flap or rattle, and the rain poured (THAT sure made noise!) and the lightning was so bright I had red flashes in my eyes even when they were closed.

I stayed dry and felt secure in a non-metal structure (graphite poles) and actually slept well despite the chaos. A lot of that was because I've already developed trust in the tent and its design, and it's now my #1 choice for backpacking.

And it's sooooo lightweight!

(Posted on 8/12/11)

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