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Air Suspension Pack Frame

Air Suspension Pack Frame

Product Review (submitted on April 23, 2013):
I consider most air filled pads, battery operated coffee grinders, 8 room tents, etc to be gimmicky. "WHY?", I ask. Pads get holes, batteries go dead, large tents collaps easily. I am pleased that the AirBeam is a real *usefull* tool that doesn't weigh a lot.

It does a good job as a frame. I expected that. I had it out on a day hike and it supplied almost as much support as my 5 layer NightLite. Wow! A bit more than expected. The comfort level easily exceeded the normal backpack load limit. 25# in a MURMUR is a lot for me.

I worry about a puncture still, but I know the repair kit will usually work. (Finding enough water to dunk the pad is not a problem, normally!)

Support, good sit pad, good underpad (if the ground is off level or wet,) deflated & stuffed in a stuff sack it makes a good pillow. It does not work too well as a wind screen, it blows away too easily. Ahh well, the price was high, but not as high as I expected (>40 after shipping.) And, I trade in my old 10oz pad for a 4oz pad (I carry another pad for sleeping,) a real 6oz savings to me.

Thanks, guys!