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Thinlight Hammock Pad - 1/4"

Thinlight Hammock Pad - 1/4"

Product Review (submitted on April 23, 2013):
I'll admit I was a bit hesitant to drop forty bucks on a sheet of foam, but when it arrived in the mail, I knew it was worth it.

The quality of the pad is outstanding. Like the other reviewer, I pretty much slashed it while opening it up, and it hardly split. Now that's quality!

In terms of warmth, this thing rocks. This was meant as a footpad for the bottom part of me not covered by the 3/4 underquilt, but I also wanted it to double as a pack stiffener [folded up] and as a thick groundsheet, if I ever had to [shudder] ...go to the ground! This thing kept my feet nice and toasty, and when I decided to test it one night [at home] by using only it in the hammock, my entire body was warm, too, and there were no cold spots.

It's very nice and comfortable, and even a bit squishy! It's softer on the feet than a sit pad, and after comparing it to my friend's Sit Light, found that it's just a LITTLE itty-bitty bit squishier.

As a pack stiffener, this is great. I just fold it in on itself a couple times, and stick it in the pack. Nice and firm.

This thing is so durable, i'd imagine it would make an excellent groundsheet.

Buy one. Doesn't have to be this thick, but seriously, you're missing out.