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Pack Hipbelt (Zippered) Pocket

Pack Hipbelt (Zippered) Pocket

Product Review (submitted on September 17, 2013):
Got a size MEDIUM pouch to carry my camera on the belt strap of my backpack.

This is not specifically designed for carrying a camera, its simply designed to be an extra pouch, and an ultra-lightweight one at that. On my scale the pouch weighs in at a feathery light weight of 0.9 (9/10ths) of one ounce. It appears to be made of rip stop nylon and the seams appear to be very durable durable. Made in America. It is not padded, but I may put a thin piece of closed cell foam across the inside of the front to protect my camera from bumps? Figure that will add another 1 ounce. . . if I need it.

On the back side is a small Velcro tab as well as 2 elastic straps. If you attach a corresponding piece of Velcro onto your backpack's belt strap the little Velcro tab will stop the pouch from slippling along your belt. The elastic straps hold it to your pack's belt but allow it to slip along the belt. The velcro holds it firmly in place. Unfortunately there is no corresponding piece of Velcro for your pack so you have to supply your own.

The zipper is a 2 way zipper, which is great. It allows you to have it zip from both ends to the center, or to either end, again, this is just a little thing that makes it much easier to use with either hand and in almost any position on your pack straps.

Inside there is a handy little clip to secure your keys, or similar items.

Honestly this little thing is so well thought out I have to wonder how many different prototypes they tested, improved, and modified to turn it into this perfectly designed little pouch.