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Thinlight Hammock Pad - 1/4"

Thinlight Hammock Pad - 1/4"

Product Review (submitted on January 9, 2014):
This pad is, without question, the best value piece of gear I've found that will stretch your hammock camping into cooler temperatures. The foam is extremely rugged, and there is more than enough width around my broader-than-most shoulders to provide plenty of coverage. I'm not sure what the R-value of the foam is, but it is very, very warm. I combine this pad with a 30-degree-rated underquilt to push my gear into winter temperatures.

Does it breathe? No - it's closed cell foam, so by definition, it can't. If you're a sweaty-type person, you may have some slight issues with moisture in the morning.

Does it perfectly conform to every curve of the hammock? No, there is a small pucker here or there, and it does very slightly detract from the overall comfort of sleeping in the hammock (though much less than an air-filled pad).

But, if you don't like the idea of buying a winter-specific underquilt when you've already got a perfectly good fall underquilt, just get this pad and be done with it. You really can't do any better, especially for anywhere even close to $40 (with winter UQs up around $230-$300!).

The only thing I wish is that you had the option to purchase a "long" version of this pad that has about an extra 6-12". This pad currently goes from my neck to my lower-calf, and I end up using a little bitty ThermaRest Z-Lite Sol sit pad under my feet inside my topquilt. Not a big issue, but if I could have bought this longer and trimmed it to width to eliminate the need for an extra foot-pad, I would have.