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Q-Twinn Cuben Fiber Tarp

Q-Twinn Cuben Fiber Tarp

Product Review (submitted on August 12, 2011):
I've been using tarps almost exclusively for 40 years. For decades I carried a Chouinard Pyramid tent, (3.5 lb.) which protected me from rain, hail, and snow. It's older now, like me, and it's showing it, so it became Cuben Fiber time. I like this tent a lot.

My only complaint is that it offers little privacy when set up in its normal pitch, but that doesn't really matter much to me as I often don't even use my tent anyway. It's slightly translucent too. You can actually see bright stars through it, which makes for a bit of a different sleeping experience.

Setup is just as easy as it looks in the video, and the variety of pitches offers extra protection. It's simple to adjust the lines to create a snugly pitched tent, and readjusting the pitch takes very little time or effort.

I needed that last week in the Wind Rivers during an all night, all out thunderstorm. The wind gusted, but the tent didn't flap or rattle, and the rain poured (THAT sure made noise!) and the lightning was so bright I had red flashes in my eyes even when they were closed.

I stayed dry and felt secure in a non-metal structure (graphite poles) and actually slept well despite the chaos. A lot of that was because I've already developed trust in the tent and its design, and it's now my #1 choice for backpacking.

And it's sooooo lightweight!