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Thinlight Hammock Pad - 1/4"

Thinlight Hammock Pad - 1/4"

Product Review (submitted on February 8, 2013):
Main problems I typically have with pads:

1. Too Narrow (Esp. at shoulders)
2. Bulky
3. Tendency to tear/fall apart.

With that being said, the Gossamer Gear Wide 1/4" pad solves all of these for me. I sleep in a hammock in my house every night as well as when I camp. I wanted to avoid the expense of an underquilt as long as possible.

This pad is wide which is important when the hammock wraps around you. This one adequately covers my shoulders on all sides. I am 5'11" and this pad extends to my ankles. I was also surprised by the toughness of whatever kind of foam it is. I accidentally ran the knife across part of it when opening the box it came in and it was barely damaged at all. Certainly less than my other foam pads which would have sliced open like butter. Speaking of toughness, you can twist, pull, and crumple this thing as much as you want and it won't give in. Well done GG on choosing a foam with toughness.

One thing I would like to note. The nature of this foam makes it not want to slide around when in contact with the hammock material. Same effect as some rubbers in contact with glass. This is not ok since there is a certain degree of sliding around when entering a hammock, but the fix is simple. I put a similarly sized piece of ripstop nylon on one side of the pad and then put it in the hammock. It now slides around with you. Problem solved. This should not stop you from buying and enjoying this pad.

Price=More than other pads, but realize that making something wider may appear simple, but may be tough to do from a manufacturing standpoint. Bottom line, you get what you pay for and this pad is worth the little extra money.