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Nightlight Sleeping Pad (Torso length)

Nightlight Sleeping Pad (Torso length)

Product Review (submitted on April 14, 2011):
Relying solely on a torso pad might not be for everyone, but if you're serious about cutting weight and have the skills to choose good campsites, this is an excellent choice. I've been carrying the Nightlight Pad for years, and it blows any other closed cell foam pad out of the water. After destroying 4 different Thermarest Z pads on my '06 PCT hike, I switched to the Nightlight and carried ONE pad the whole length of the CDT the following year! It was pretty thrashed by the end, but still did the trick.

I carry a frameless rucksack style backpack, sans hip belt, and the Nightlight provides cushion and shape for my pack. It's the perfect shape, weighs next to nothing, keeps the cold ground from stealing my warmth, and even offers a cushy seat for breaks along the trail. Simple. Functional. Perfect.

IAT '03, AT '04, PCT '06, CDT '07, CT '08, PCT '09, AT '10