Thinlight Hammock Pad

Thinlight Hammock Pad is designed as an insulation foam pad for ultralight backpacking with a hammock. This pad can also be trimmed to make a custom ground pad or two standard sized sleeping pads.

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For hammock users we now have 1/4" thick ThinLight™ pads at a 39" width. These pads are made from the same Evazote® foam as the original ThinLights and provide plenty of coverage for the cold spots.

Made of Evazote® foam, these pads are made with a unique high pressure nitrogen gas solution process. High quality extrusions and cross-linking of solid polymeric sheets are impregnated with pure nitrogen gas at elevated temperature and extremely high pressure. Then the impregnated solid sheets are expanded in a huge low pressure autoclave. This process results in an extremely regular and uniform cell structure in the foam.  What this means to you is the foam is amazingly light and strong for its density.

This pad is tough, flexible and resilient, and exhibit good UV stability. As a closed-cell foam, they will not absorb water.

We also designed an 1/8" foam pad for backpacking insulation from the cold ground.

This pad is not available internationally and ships FedEx Ground Delivery only .If you have a PO Box we are not able to ship it USPS Priority Mail to your PO Box.

Additional Info

Additional Info

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  • 9.0 - 13.2 oz.  (256 – 376 g.) 
  • Due to the way these pads are manufactured, they vary in weight


  • 39 x 59 x 1/4 in. ( 99 x 150 x 0.64 cm.)
  • NOTE: sizes may vary by up to ½ in. (1.3 cm.)


  • Closed cell cross-linked Evazote foam




A no-brainer piece of kit for hammock campingReview by LAR111
This pad is, without question, the best value piece of gear I've found that will stretch your hammock camping into cooler temperatures. The foam is extremely rugged, and there is more than enough width around my broader-than-most shoulders to provide plenty of coverage. I'm not sure what the R-value of the foam is, but it is very, very warm. I combine this pad with a 30-degree-rated underquilt to push my gear into winter temperatures.

Does it breathe? No - it's closed cell foam, so by definition, it can't. If you're a sweaty-type person, you may have some slight issues with moisture in the morning.

Does it perfectly conform to every curve of the hammock? No, there is a small pucker here or there, and it does very slightly detract from the overall comfort of sleeping in the hammock (though much less than an air-filled pad).

But, if you don't like the idea of buying a winter-specific underquilt when you've already got a perfectly good fall underquilt, just get this pad and be done with it. You really can't do any better, especially for anywhere even close to $40 (with winter UQs up around $230-$300!).

The only thing I wish is that you had the option to purchase a "long" version of this pad that has about an extra 6-12". This pad currently goes from my neck to my lower-calf, and I end up using a little bitty ThermaRest Z-Lite Sol sit pad under my feet inside my topquilt. Not a big issue, but if I could have bought this longer and trimmed it to width to eliminate the need for an extra foot-pad, I would have. (Posted on 1/9/14)
Brilliant!Review by Gram Daddy
Bought one of these pads with the intention of cutting it in half so that my two hammock sleeping scout sons could have torso pads for fast and light back packing. Works perfectly. Once cut in half they fold the pads in half, roll them into tubes and slide them inside their packs as frame sheets. The pads insulate very well in the hammocks so that the boys can select lighter sleeping bags than otherwise needed. Again using only half the full size pad, they'll fold into quarter and use the pads as sit or kneel pads to do camp chores, cook, eat or just socialize. Am so happy with the way things have worked out I'm considering giving up 40 years of ground sleeping and giving hammock sleeping a try. Will definitely buy more of these for myself and other hammock sleepers. (Posted on 6/30/13)
Awesome and Versatile Pad!Review by Sir Hammocksalot
I'll admit I was a bit hesitant to drop forty bucks on a sheet of foam, but when it arrived in the mail, I knew it was worth it.

The quality of the pad is outstanding. Like the other reviewer, I pretty much slashed it while opening it up, and it hardly split. Now that's quality!

In terms of warmth, this thing rocks. This was meant as a footpad for the bottom part of me not covered by the 3/4 underquilt, but I also wanted it to double as a pack stiffener [folded up] and as a thick groundsheet, if I ever had to [shudder] ...go to the ground! This thing kept my feet nice and toasty, and when I decided to test it one night [at home] by using only it in the hammock, my entire body was warm, too, and there were no cold spots.

It's very nice and comfortable, and even a bit squishy! It's softer on the feet than a sit pad, and after comparing it to my friend's Sit Light, found that it's just a LITTLE itty-bitty bit squishier.

As a pack stiffener, this is great. I just fold it in on itself a couple times, and stick it in the pack. Nice and firm.

This thing is so durable, i'd imagine it would make an excellent groundsheet.

Buy one. Doesn't have to be this thick, but seriously, you're missing out. (Posted on 4/23/13)
Life SaverReview by Shrek
I use this pad for my hammock and the insulation is great.

I had to use it for a ground pad once when the air mattress deflated. I always bring my backpack even when I am car camping with the family. My wife and I slept on it at the same time. It was a life saver.

I am going to order (2) more. (Posted on 3/14/13)
Perfect for hammocksReview by Stewart
Main problems I typically have with pads:

1. Too Narrow (Esp. at shoulders)
2. Bulky
3. Tendency to tear/fall apart.

With that being said, the Gossamer Gear Wide 1/4" pad solves all of these for me. I sleep in a hammock in my house every night as well as when I camp. I wanted to avoid the expense of an underquilt as long as possible.

This pad is wide which is important when the hammock wraps around you. This one adequately covers my shoulders on all sides. I am 5'11" and this pad extends to my ankles. I was also surprised by the toughness of whatever kind of foam it is. I accidentally ran the knife across part of it when opening the box it came in and it was barely damaged at all. Certainly less than my other foam pads which would have sliced open like butter. Speaking of toughness, you can twist, pull, and crumple this thing as much as you want and it won't give in. Well done GG on choosing a foam with toughness.

One thing I would like to note. The nature of this foam makes it not want to slide around when in contact with the hammock material. Same effect as some rubbers in contact with glass. This is not ok since there is a certain degree of sliding around when entering a hammock, but the fix is simple. I put a similarly sized piece of ripstop nylon on one side of the pad and then put it in the hammock. It now slides around with you. Problem solved. This should not stop you from buying and enjoying this pad.

Price=More than other pads, but realize that making something wider may appear simple, but may be tough to do from a manufacturing standpoint. Bottom line, you get what you pay for and this pad is worth the little extra money. (Posted on 2/8/13)
great padReview by tritan
I got the extra wide pad for my hammock and it fits great , folds up nice and is light weight. Thanks GG. 3 stars for price for a piece of foam, quality is great holding up well 5 stars. (Posted on 2/5/12)

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