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Judie and Husband at the Wave

Here’s to Judie and exploring lightening her backpacking load further! The gorgeous picture of antelope canyon the Wave is just icing on the cake. (Thanks for the correction all!)   My husband has been motivating me to try new outdoor activities and that will include lightening our packs so we can do more backpacking with less pain. […]

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Alan Dixon’s 12 Degree, 35 Mile Weekend Trip with Hammock

Dream Hammock Freebird Hammock Mountain Laurel Des. .7oz Cuben Hammock Hex Tarp (10.5’x8.5′) Hammock Gear Phoenix +20F 3/4 UnderQuilt, with M50 & NB2 fabric That’s my Gorilla at the foot of the hammock. This was on a DC UL Backpacking Meetup trip (great group – competent, ambitious. 6 people out in snow at 12F on […]

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Anthony Robertson and his Gorilla Backpack

Grant, thanks for offering up another contest. Hope to win this time. Ready to get out again as usual.. I have been through a lot of backpacks and I am telling you that I am so happy with my Gorilla, that I wont carry anything but Gossamer Gear. (Above) First trip out on the AT […]

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Gossamer Gear Customer Completes PCT in 122 Days

A recent article in the San Diego Union Tribune featured a young man who is a Gossamer Gear customer. Jace ‘Minor’ Mullen lives in Oceanside, California, not far from Glen. Their paths crossed, either through Boy Scouts or Adventure 16, and Jace ended up over at Glen’s house a couple of times, going through gear. One […]

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“Gossamer Gear Saved My Life!”

11/12/11 | Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado | We drove all night from Missouri and took to the trail.  It was a beautiful day with less than an inch of snow on the landscape.  We hiked several miles up the mountain and pitched our tent.  That night we were awakened by, “Incredibly strong winds that […]

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