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Tips and Tricks help you use your gear smarter and lighter. If you have a tip or a trick you would like to share with us, email it to us and we will post it to help all our tribe.

Pack Modification for a Bear Can

To better hold my Bearacade Bear canister, I sewed two thin strips of Velcro on the underside of each of the Y straps and affixed 2 strips of adhesive backed Velcro on the canister…Perfecto …bear canister stayed just where I wanted it to! –submitted by Peter Ireland

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Shoulder Strap Pockets

I added two small holders (out of ripstop nylon) to the shoulder straps, one for a small digital camera and the other for my GPS. The holders held the bottom half of the unit and then I had small elastic that prevented the units from bouncing out. I had one piece of elastic going around […]

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Toothpaste dots

Are you not quite ready to use Dr. Bronner’s soap for toothpaste? Do you have a favorite brand or need a special one for sensitive teeth? Consider making toothpaste ‘dots’ by drying little dabs on your dehydrator while you’re dehydrating some food for your next trip. If you don’t want to run the dehydrator, just […]

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Alternate Uses for Shoulder Strap and Hip Belt Openings

I would suggest you mention in your advertising and instructional information the alternate uses for the hook and loop pockets on the shoulder straps and hip belt. I leave some amount of cash, a spare car key, book of ‘gopher’ matches and a Micron LED light in mine. These items are left in the pack […]

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