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Tips and Tricks help you use your gear smarter and lighter. If you have a tip or a trick you would like to share with us, email it to us and we will post it to help all our tribe.

Col Jon Potter

Quick Solution to Keeping Track of Water Consumption

Col. John Potter provides us with some great advice: Some of my hiking buddies were unhappy with their ability to track water consumption from their single, large hydration bladders. So we investigated the eco-friendlier (reduced plastic) half-liter disposable water bottles as possible alternatives. The idea is to use four of these instead of one 2L […]

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Tyvek Rainsuit

The ‘Deluxe’ Tyvek Rain Suit

Here is a tip sent in from one of our customers, John Potter.  It is the deluxe version Here’s the Deluxe ($16) version of Will Rietveld’s Hooded Tyvek Rain Jacket.  I replaced the non-separating coverall zipper with a 30″ separating zipper and storm flap, and added inside pockets for storing gloves, etc.  The Tyvek coveralls came […]

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Make Your Own G4

If you want to make your own G4, there is a Yahoo Group specifically designed to help you do that.  You can find them at this link.  Join in on the conversation and go old school on the cheap.  Although we no longer have patterns or instructions available to do this, you can find them […]

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A Therapy for Plantar fasciitis Worth Considering

By Will Rietveld and Janet Reichl, Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassadors A common hiking affliction is Plantar fasciitis, heel pain that can be difficult to remedy. For some people, it takes months of therapy to get rid of Plantar fasciitis, and one can miss out on a lot of hiking in the meantime. My wife, who […]

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Make a Hooded Tyvek Rain Jacket and Chaps for Under $10

By Will Rietveld, Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador A high-end air permeable Gore-Tex or eVent waterproof-breathable jacket costs $350 or more; it’s not ultralight, and it requires maintenance.  The lightest one is the Montane Spektr at 8 ounces. A polyurethane laminate rain jacket costs $150-$200 and is lightweight (down to about 6 ounces), and its durable, […]

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Glen Talks Protein Bars

Since I prefer to eat vegan and hike hard, I’ve been looking for a way to get a little extra protein into my dinners, to help muscle recovery.  What better way than to have a protein bar for dessert?  So I bought a bunch of protein bars from a variety of sources, and tasted them […]

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Video Primer for Lightrek Poles

Steve Burgess helped us put together this poetic and informative short video on our trek poles.  He covers the basics of selection, care and use.  He adds his own flare and we are most grateful for his efforts.  He is an expert on the Wonderland Trail and an innovator of ultralight gear.  If you want […]

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