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Shelter Update from Grant

Unfortunately, the most recent lot of our spinnaker fabric has failed our quality inspection. Due to this we will be unable to start production on the Squall Classics and will soon be out of all other spinnaker products. We want to be clear, we have not sold or made any product using sub-standard material so […]

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A Pleasant Surprise

From time to time we receive thank you messages from our users. This recent message came from John Muse, who has used our LT4 hiking poles on his recent treks. His note about Gossamer Gear overall really speaks volumes. Enjoy!: “Because I can move quickly all day, I’m able to see places I never would […]

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Lithium vs Alkaline Battery Weight

For those interested in learning the difference in weight between the lithium and alkaline battery. Trail Ambassador JJ Mathes recently sent us a message about how it’s common knowledge that Lithium batteries outlast Alkaline batteries by about 50%. However, as she points out, did you know one AAA Lithium battery weighs 33.3% less than the […]

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Lightrek Pole LT4s Review

For those interested in reading a review of the Gossamer Gear Lightrek Poles. We at Gossamer like to research different gear review sites to see what people are saying about us, and we recently re-discovered a great gear review of our Lightrek poles by Lori Pontious.  The LT4 review includes a description of the product, […]

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Martin Rye gives Gossamer some love

For those interested in hearing about opinions of Gossamer.  Every once in a while we like to post positive feedback that we get from our Trail Ambassadors about us as a company.  Recently Trail Ambassador Martin Rye had this to say: “The Gossamer Gear Gorilla I like a lot. I emailed Gossamer gear to mention the […]

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Lightweight Backpacking Demonstration

If you’ve ever been backpacking, you’ve probably heard people boast that their pack weighs 50 or 60 lbs. Those days are over. With a little knowledge and careful gear selection, it is possible for anyone to reduce their pack weight to a comfortable 20 or 25 lbs, even for a multi-day trip. By carrying less […]

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How to build a G4

For those interested in learning how to build the G4 backpack. The following video is a great clip that was just recently sent to us about how to build the backpack. This can be a great video for any level hiker, as it can help educate or re-educate any hiker on the steps necessary to […]

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Joe Newton’s ‘gear of the year’

For those interested in seeing how the Gorilla backpack rated according to Joe Newton.  Trail Ambassador Newton recently created his ‘Tuff Stuff’ post in which he lists his favorite gear of 2010.  Included in his favorites is the Gorilla backpack.   Last updated:14th April, 2015

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