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Tarping Tips

Our newest Trail Ambassador recently lighted his load even further by going with a SpinnTwinn tarp instead of his hammock.  His motivation was partly to lighten up but also to get his lab Coco in on the action.  You see, Coco was feeling left out.  Brian has written a most excellent tarp article on his […]

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Hike the Elysian Fields

Steve Burgess created an ultralight backpacking video that has some pretty amazing footage. The scenery is of the Elysian fields in Mount Ranier National Park, where Steve and his 15 year old daughter, Cassie, take a three day trip and show some of our gear in use.   Check out his video and enjoy! Last updated:14th […]

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TGO Challenge Presentation

If you are in Boston, this Tuesday, March 15th, Philip Werner from Section Hiker is going to present on his recent hike across Scotland on the TGO Challenge.  If you’ve ever been interested in hiking or mountaineering in Scotland, you should come see this presentation. Philip will describe his route planning process, including Scottish geography and […]

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Rik’s take on the RikSak

There are many, many uses of the RikSak. That is what struck us the first time we saw Rik Christensen demo this pack.  Trail Ambassador Paul Cronshaw took this video of his buddy Rik presenting his pack at the AZDPCTKO Gear Contest.  Rik demonstrates the many features of the RikSak, a great uberlightweight daypack that […]

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DIY Hiking Shoes

For those interested in learning more about how to make your own footwear. Trail Ambassador Diane Soini recently sent us a very descriptive email about how she designed her own shoe for her hiking trips. It was important to her that she try to make as simple a shoe as possible since it seemed to […]

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Grant goes to Southern Utah

Grant and two friends went to do some hiking in Southern Utah.  They started out by visiting Zion National Park and donning their dry suits and hiking up the narrows.  The air temperature was 31 deg F and the water temperature was 34 deg F.  After that hike, they took a sketchy 4WD trail to […]

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How to make a ‘cap keeper’

For those interested in learning how to make their own ‘cap keeper’ for their own water bottle. Trail Ambassador Jason Klass recently created a great step by step article on his website about how to make a ‘cap keeper’ with a normal plastic water bottle like a Gatorade bottle. The point in designing your own […]

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New Trail Ambassador – Brian Green

Every so often Gossamer Gear will welcome a new member into the Trail Ambassador group. This month, Gossamer proudly welcomes Brian Green.  Originally from Southampton, England, he currently lives in Charlotte, NC and has plenty of opportunities to get out and hike.  Brian is also an avid blogger who we are very excited to add […]

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