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Ultralight Tic Tac Fishing Kit

It’s just an empty Tic Tac box with a small foam pad inside. The foam holds the lures. My favorite for mountain trout is a small Panther Martin and a small Super Duper.  Flies or your favorites can be added.  The outside of the box is wrapped with 50 feet of 6 lb. mono-filament line.  […]

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Hiker Depot Blog Talks About Glen’s Visit to Japan

Remember Glen’s Trip to Japan? Well we thought you might be interested what that looks like in to our Japanese ultralight cohorts. If you want to see what they are saying, check out the most recent blog at Hiker Depot’s site.  We are not quite sure what it says because our Japanese is a little […]

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Hiking Tip: Collecting Water

Have you ever needed to fill your water container only to find there wasn’t enough clearance for you to get the opening of your container under the flow?  When water levels are low the flow doesn’t always shoot out far enough to catch the water, it rolls around the contour of the rock making it […]

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Come Join us at Outdoor Retailer Show

Grant Sible and Glen Van Peski of Gossamer Gear are going to Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City to schmooze and check out the latest in new products, new fabrics and new hardware.  They will be joining Henry Shires of Tarptent, Russ Zandbergen of Trail Designs, Bernie Wilt of,  Tomo of Hiker Depot, […]

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A Day in the life of an ALS patient

We would like to bring to your attention Royce Cowan.  He is a customer of ours and is a 27 year old ALS patient.  We consider him to be quite inspirational.  He is following his passion of backpacking in a really light way. Here is what he has to say in his first post: “My […]

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Why Go Lightweight

There are many reasons to go lighter and this is one more compelling video with some incredible scenery to show why.  Steve Burgess did the Wonderland Trail in blazing time.  He was using our Murmur, LT4’s and NightLight Pad.  We are sure glad he got this on video as we certainly couldn’t have kept up […]

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Bad Weather under an Ultralight Tarp

Have you ever been caught in a vicious, windy, cold rainstorm? It can more dangerous and less comfortable than being in a snow storm. What if your rain gear and/or hiker umbrella isn’t providing enough protection in such conditions? Unless your rain jacket is thick and not breathable, moisture is going to find a way […]

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Water is Heavy in Pack

This advice is primarily for hikers on established trails with good knowledge of their water sources.  Please read comments below for a number of other perspectives. Fears tend to drive what we carry.  The three hardest fears I have dealt with are getting cold, hungry and thirsty. I want to talk today about water management.  […]

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