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Exploring Yosemite

Grant and Dave from Gossamer Gear went to Yosemite National Park to test out some new gear and enjoy the park with Rand and Russ from Trail Designs.  We got together to test our latest packs, shelters and cook systems.  We did a two night, three day trip down the Merced River Valley.  We hiked […]

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Philmont 2010 hike

Philmont 2010

Dave went to Philmont as a guest of the Philmont Staff Association.  Philmont is a Boy Scout paradise where 22,000 Boy Scouts visit every year.  At any one day in the summer over 3,600 boy scouts and advisors are in the backcountry visiting one of dozens of camps.   Some of the camps are staffed and […]

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Hip Belt Pockets: Other Uses

This photo shows how a hiker is using his Hip Belt Pockets when not wearing his pack. He just slides his belt through the elastic loops. –Submitted by Paul Cronshaw

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NightLight Torso pad into holder

Insertion of the NightLight™ pad into the back of your Mariposa™ Plus backpack can be made much easier if you first place the pad in a 6″ gallon ‘small-size’ plastic waste can liner. The liner – 22″ x 2′ – is available in all grocery stores and only weighs 0.4oz. When in camp, the liner […]

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How to avoid the duct tape stickiness on poles

I don’t like sticky duct tape residue stuck to my hiking sticks. So, to prevent my Keeper strings knots from sliding down my slippery hiking poles (or to mark where to attach tarp lines), I just rolled a 7/16″ faucet O ring up the pole to the desired height to act as a stop. Available […]

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Appalachian Trail Days 2010

Gossamer Gear set up a booth and showed our gear at Trail Days 2010.  Trail Days is an event in Damascus Virginia put on every year in May.  It is a collection of gear manufacturers and other crafts and clothing vendors that make a unique show.  The cool thing about Damascus is that the Appalachian […]

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Spectra line holder

Spectra lines can be a pain if you take them on and off your shelter, or move them around to adapt to particular conditions. To keep the lines tangle free, take a small piece of blue foam out of one of those spare sleeping mats, or similar source of material, cut some slits in the […]

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DIY Pack Water Bottle Holders

If you prefer to have water bottles attached to your shoulder straps for easy access, you can easily construct a pair of water bottle holders with some shock cord and cord locks. Use the shock cord and cord locks to construct two loops above and below the sternum strap, going through the webbing that the […]

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