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Spectra line holder

Spectra lines can be a pain if you take them on and off your shelter, or move them around to adapt to particular conditions. To keep the lines tangle free, take a small piece of blue foam out of one of those spare sleeping mats, or similar source of material, cut some slits in the […]

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DIY Pack Water Bottle Holders

If you prefer to have water bottles attached to your shoulder straps for easy access, you can easily construct a pair of water bottle holders with some shock cord and cord locks. Use the shock cord and cord locks to construct two loops above and below the sternum strap, going through the webbing that the […]

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PCT Kick Off 2010

Glen, Grant and Dave traveled to Lake Moreno County park to attend the Annual Day Zero Pacific Trail Kick Off (ADZPCTKO) event this year.  As their web site so aptly states: “The primary focus of the gathering is to help shed those butterflies that inevitably precede a life-altering experience like hiking the PCT by showing […]

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Overseas air travel

Miniposa and Mariposa™ can be taken as cabin baggage on airline flights, just watch the fatness and be sure to remove any tent stakes, pen knives or cutlery. You are normally allowed 10 kg in the cabin. And it ensures the bag chuckers don’t trash your ultralight pack. Put your other gear in a cheap […]

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Hiking Cochamo Chile

Dave from Gossamer and his friend Tom Bentley wanted to go to Chile to do an epic trek.  When we started looking at Chile, we immediately thought of Torres de Paine.  But we soon heard there was another spot to check out called Cochamo.  It was being described as an up and coming climbing destination […]

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Inflatable sleep pad inside Mariposa

Instead of putting my inflatable pad in the pocket against my back, I used it to line the pack as shown in the attached Inflatable Pad Backpack Diagram. It provides rigidity and “splices” the joint between sleeping bag and other pack contents. I stopped using a stuff sack for my down sleeping bag and just […]

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How to increase comfort of the NightLight pad

Here is a simple way to increase the comfort of your NightLight™ torso pad, both in the pack and on the ground, which even lightens it up a bit! It allows you to nest your torso pad more completely when you fold it up so it fits in the pad holder pocket more cleanly.  Click […]

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How to convert your Lightrek poles to collapsible poles

Ever wish you had markings on your Lightrek™ poles to instantly know which length to extend them to without the old “holding them next to each other” ritual at the trailhead? Here’s a simple solution: use a silver-metallic Sharpie marker. Since the poles are black, you need something that will stand out against the graphite […]

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