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A Day in the life of an ALS patient

We would like to bring to your attention Royce Cowan.  He is a customer of ours and is a 27 year old ALS patient.  We consider him to be quite inspirational.  He is following his passion of backpacking in a really light way. Here is what he has to say in his first post: “My […]

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Why Go Lightweight

There are many reasons to go lighter and this is one more compelling video with some incredible scenery to show why.  Steve Burgess did the Wonderland Trail in blazing time.  He was using our Murmur, LT4’s and NightLight Pad.  We are sure glad he got this on video as we certainly couldn’t have kept up […]

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Bad Weather under an Ultralight Tarp

Have you ever been caught in a vicious, windy, cold rainstorm? It can more dangerous and less comfortable than being in a snow storm. What if your rain gear and/or hiker umbrella isn’t providing enough protection in such conditions? Unless your rain jacket is thick and not breathable, moisture is going to find a way […]

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Water is Heavy in Pack

This advice is primarily for hikers on established trails with good knowledge of their water sources.  Please read comments below for a number of other perspectives. Fears tend to drive what we carry.  The three hardest fears I have dealt with are getting cold, hungry and thirsty. I want to talk today about water management.  […]

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Featured in Japanese Magazine

While Glen was in Japan he was able to find out how some of our packs are being used.  One interesting customer segments he found was “Girl Hikers”.   Since hiking girls are becoming a trend in Japan, the boys are following suit.  Imagine that!   Below are some shots from Randonee Magazine and a Gorilla featured […]

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Put Rocks on Tent Stakes

When setting up a shelter, I pick a location where there are rocks. Rocks can be used to add support to lightweight stakes.  Push the stake until it is all the way into the ground and then put a rock on top of the stake. The next time someone trips over a tent line or […]

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Come Tour our Office

Philip Werner from recently posted an online tour of our company.  It highlights the cottage nature of our business and reflects the roots of where we come from.  Gossamer Gear started in Glen Van Peski’s garage back in 1998 as GVP Gear (see our timeline).  Over time the business outgrew its ability to produce […]

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SpinnTwinn and LT4s Go in Norway

Joe Newton is one of the founding members of Nordic Lightpacking and our Trail Ambassador from Bergen, Norway.  This summer he took his SpinnTwinn and his Lightrek 4s along with the rest of his ultralightweight gear on a trip.  He went to the stunning Hardangervidda National Park, a high mountain plateau environment with incredible scenery.  […]

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