How did Gossamer Gear™ get started?

Shipping Questions

Will you ship to me on the trail?

Will you ship to Post Office (PO) boxes?

What kind of domestic shipping options do you offer?

Do you ship internationally?

How do I go about making an overseas order?

How long do international shipments take?

Pack Questions

Can I remove the stays from my Mariposa™ series pack?

What pack is right for me?

Lightrek™ Questions

What are the "industry standard" tips equivalent to?

Can I attach loops to the Lightrek™ poles?

What if I can't decide between two sizes? Which way should I round to get to the nearest 5 cm.?

How tough are Lightrek™ Poles?

How do I figure out what length to get?

Sleep Pad Questions

Will the NightLight™ pads absorb water?

What is the R-value of the NightLight™ pads?

Other Questions

Does Gossamer Gear™ sponsor people?