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At Gossamer Gear, we don’t just talk the talk, our staff and Trail Ambassadors literally walk the walk and get out there! If you want some inspiration, check out our adventures below or come meet us at local events throughout the United States and Europe. We are passionate about sharing our skills and experience with others at talks, clinics, and trips held in conjunction with numerous trail and conservation organizations and outdoor groups such as Trail Dames, the Boy Scouts of America, and

Trail Ambassadors David Lintern and David Hine Go Winter Backpacking and Packrafting in Scotland

The Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador Trip to The Olympics hosted by Barefoot Jake

Trail Ambassadors Philip Werner and Martin Rye backpack across Scotland

Trail Ambassador Allison Nadler hikes Mt Isolation in New Hampshire’s White Mountains

Trail Ambassadors Barefoot Jake and Liz Thomas traverse the Baily Range in Olympic National Park

Trail Ambassadors Martin Rye and David Hine hike from Aviemore to Blair Atholl in Scotland

Trail Ambassador Dave Lintern takes a Gossamer Gear Gorilla to Ben Lawyers in the Central Highlands of Scotland

Trail Ambassador Martin Rye backpacking in Englands Lake District

Trail Ambassadors David Hine and Dave Lintern Packrafting in Fisherfield and Torridon, Scotland

Trail Ambassadors Philip Werner and Martin Rye hike Maine’s 100 Mile Wilderness on the AT

Gossamer Gear’s President Grant Sible Gives a Lightweight Backpacking Makeover

Trail Ambassador Philip Werner Gives a Talk About Lightweight Baclkpacking and the Big Three for Scouting

Trail Ambassador Barefoot Jake on the Elwha Loop – Dodger Point Primitive Trail in Winter

Paul Osborne hikes the John Muir Trail

What’s in Glens Backpack?