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California: Wilderness Basics Course

Join Glen Van Peski for and the Sierra Club, San Diego Chapter, for their annual Wilderness Basics Course. You will learn the basics including first aid, different types of equipment, insects, navigation, food preparation, large animal encounters, water filtering systems, staying warm, and weather, to name a few.

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Glen Van Peski at Puppet Pass

Glen Van Peski’s Gear List

My typical gear list is for a summer/fall trip of 3 – 6 days in the Sierra or other western mountains, typically mostly above tree line.  Temperatures range from freezing to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  My trips are generally composed of some trail, and some off-trail travel, typically with at least one other person.  My most […]

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California: How to Go Lighter

Ultralight Backpacking with Glen Van Peski

Ultralight Backpacking with Glen Van Peski

Join Gossamer Gear Founder Glen Van Peski who will present a “How to Go Lighter” clinic where he will examine the different considerations that allow reduction of pack weight, review potential weight savings in “The Big Three”, and discuss weights of food and water.  The presentation will close by touching upon the “comfort” and “safety” objections to ultralight backpacking, and opening for questions. Attendance is limited to 80 people, and there will be a small admission charge as a fundraiser for the important work of the Pacific Crest Trail Association.


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3 Day Hike in Paria Canyon

Paria Canyon Backpack cliff notes: 1 last minute invitation (to me! wahoo!) 2 backpacking greats (Glen Van Peski and Read Miller) 3 days of hiking (two full days plus a short morning) 4 new friends hiking with an amazing backdrop – swirled red canyon walls so high we couldn’t capture the rim and floor in […]

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