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Colorado: Backpacking Fundamentals with Andrew Skurka (6/20-6/22)

Join Andrew Skurka and Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador Paul Magnanti for a Backpacking Fundamentals course in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Critical course info

Who should take this course?

You should consider yourself one of the following:

  • First-time backpacker with some day-hiking and/or car-camping experience, and interested in learning to go on multi-day overnight trips;
  • Beginner backpacker who wants to rapidly improve your know-how; or,
  • Intermediate backpacker who wants to refine your skills and/or modernize your gear.
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Devils Thumb Pass Sunset

Being a Weekend Warrior

Over the course of my hiking “career”, I’ve been blessed with being able to hike weeks or even months at a time. I’ve seen the spring flowers of the Appalachians, the first snows hinting at an upcoming winter in the Rockies and the green of summer giving to the brilliant colors of fall. I’d put […]

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Colorado: Winter Backpacking with Andrew Skurka (2/28-3/2)

Winter travel is related but notably different than 3-season travel. In particular, it requires a more vigilant attitude, more and changes in gear, and an additional set of skills. On this trip, you will learn how to backpack safely and comfortably in winter conditions, despite this season’s inherent challenges: cold temperatures, stormy weather, avalanche hazards, long nights, snow-covered trails, and moisture management.

I will be the lead guide on this trip, and assisted by Paul Magnanti. This will be the second consecutive year that we have offered this course, and we’re excited to have the opportunity again to share our winter enthusiasm and know-how.

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