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Preparing: Appalachian Trail Thru Hike

There is a saying about many athletic ventures that it’s 90% mental. Although the percentage may not be that extreme, I would agree that mental fortitude is a huge part of backpacking that often gets overlooked. Regardless of how long the trip is, or how many people are on the hike, there is a mental […]

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Colorado: Extended Trips and Section Hiking of Long Trails

Join Trail Ambassador Paul Magnanti, Bill Manning – Executive Director or The Colorado Trail Foundation, and other experienced multi-day hikers, who will give a quick overview of their hiking backgrounds (i.e. AT, PCT, CT, CDT, etc.) and then offer their opinions on inquiries from the audience. Come prepared to ask questions about clothing and gear choices, menu planning, weather and altitude considerations, and the unique aspects of each long trail. Get advice on logistical issues such as how to get to the trailhead, the best maps and guide books, the ease of resupply (including stove fuel), available water sources, and the best places to spend a zero day.

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