Trail Ambassadors

Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassadors are enthusiastic advocates of ultralight and lightweight backpacking, eager to pass along their outdoor skills and experience to other hikers, and backpackers, and adventurers. Many volunteer their time with hiking clubs or conservation organizations, some are professional guides, and others document their adventures for magazines or online publications. But there’s no secret formula for what makes a good trail ambassador, so if you love Gossamer Gear’s products and you’re active in the hiking and backpacking community, we encourage you to apply to the Trail Ambassador Program.

Allison Nadler

Barefoot Jake

Brian Horst

Brian Horst

Brian Buck 30 Tanzman

Brian Tanzman

Carl Rush

Christy Rosander

Cody Schrank

Cody Schrank

Damien Tougas

Dan Bortz

Dave Brunstein

Dave Chenault

Dave Lintern

David Hine

Derek Hansen

Diane Soini

Disco Grinter

Disco Grinter

Doug Prosser

Erin Saver

Evan Chartier

Francis Tapon

Guy Parker

Heather Anderson

Heather Knight

James Marco

Jan McEwen

Janet Reichl

Jennifer Adach

Jim Barbour

JJ Mathes

Joan West

Joe Jacaruso

Joe Jacaruso

Jolly Green Giant

Joshua Stacy

Joshua Stacy

Julie LePage

Julie Urbanski

Ken Holder

Lee Fields

Lint Bunting

Liz Thomas

Ludovic Pradel

Martin Rye

Nimblewill Nomad

Nimblewill Nomad


Paul Cronshaw

Paul Magnanti

Paul Magnanti

Paul Osborn

Philip Werner


Renee Tougas

Reuben Bolieu

Rik Christenson

Rik Christensen

Rob Kelly

Rob Kelly

Ryan Linn

Ryan Sylva


Sirena Dufault


Steve Burgess

Trinity Ludwig

Tripp Clark

Vicky Mattson

Vicky Mattson

Walter Underwood

Walter Underwood

Whitney LaRuffa

Will Rietveld