Carrot Quinn

Carrot Quinn

Carrot Quinn

Carrot spent her twenties riding freight trains across the continent, and once she felt too old for that she got into backpacking, which is surprisingly similar in a lot of ways. But backpacking with a heavy pack and boots is painful and sort of awful, it wasn’t until she discovered ultralight backpacking last summer that he truly fell in love. That’s because, as she states, she is a weak mortal human who has tiny pathetic muscles and is unable to “power up” anything pretty much ever. Having an obsessively light pack helps her to not fail. Carrot is currently thru-hiking the PCT.

Home: Portland, OR

Age: 30


Outdoor Organization Involvement: PCT class of 2013

Favorite Training Grounds: The damp forests of Oregon and Washington.

Current Plans: Currently hiking the PCT, that’s pretty much my whole life right now. I’d like to do the CDT in 2015.