Paul Magnanti

Paul Magnanti

Paul Magnanti

Paul Mags, as he is known to many of his friends, is an avid outdoors enthusiast based in Boulder, CO. His first love in the outdoors is hiking and backpacking, but also enjoys back country skiing (Nordic touring and Telemark) and has also taken up alpine climbing in the past few years. He’ll also enjoy the occasional remote car camping/hiking trip, usually with Mrs. Mags, to such places as Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. He just likes to get out as much as possible.
Paul cut his backpacking teeth in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. He fell in love with the stark beauty of the alpine tundra and has had the backpacking bug bug ever since. Since his first mistake prone backpacking trip (lost the map, carried too much weight, had enough canned food to stock a 7/11) he has gone on to hike the Triple Crown of long distance hiking (AT,PCT,CDT), has hiked regional trails such as the Colorado Trail and the Benton MacKaye trail and spends any free time he can outside.

After his thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail with a 30 lb base pack weight, Paul vowed never to schlep that much weight consistently again. His base pack weight has become lower over the years but is trip dependent. Boxes of wine can add up. ;) He finds that by going lighter as the trip objectives permit, the hiking/skiing/climbing is more fun.

In addition to the his outdoor pursuits, Paul guides with Andrew Skurka Adventures LLC and is also co-host of a popular hiking podcast: The Trail Show. Paul believes in giving back, and tries to volunteer as much as he can on trail work projects and with local outdoor organizations as well.

Home: Boulder, Colorado

Age: 39

Favorite Training Ground: The Colorado Rockies is where I often play. I try to get to nearby Wyoming and Utah at least two or three times a year as well.


Current Plans: In this coming year, I again to plan to get out as much as I can. I will again be guiding with Andrew Skurka (two backpacking fundamentals trips, a winter backpacking trip) and hope to get in two-weeks “somewhere” solo.